Our services: family law

Our partner Martha Recordon is a family law specialist and the head of our family department.

She and her team provide expert advice on issues including:

In family matters, it is inevitable that tensions run high at times. So it is reassuring to know that you have our experienced team looking after your own best interests, and those of any children involved.

As our client, our priority is to resolve disputes in the most effective way. We’ll focus carefully on the issues involved, taking an objective and realistic view, to give you knowledgeable, professional advice that is right for you and your particular circumstances.

In many cases, we know from experience the kind of order that a court is likely to make, which allows us to negotiate in a sensible, informed way to achieve a satisfactory settlement.

However, where this is not possible, we are then well prepared to represent you in court, to look after you and any assets involved, whether these are business or pension-related, farm assets or property.

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